How To Properly Iron Your Sonata Elise™ Dress

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Our dresses are normally made of 100% cotton unless its a special occasion dress which normally would not need to be ironed, but our cotton ones will need a good press once they are laundered. Here’s a few tips on how to iron your Sonata Elise™ dress so that it will look great every time your little one wears it!

As a side note always launder your Sonata Elise™ dress(es) turned inside out in cold water with like colors and on gentle cycle.

Here’s my daughter’s Flamingo Holiday dress freshly laundered and super wrinkled!

I grab my iron, scissors, and some Magic Sizing spray to help with pressing out the wrinkles.  (Note: You don’t have to use the Magic Sizing. You can use just an iron with a good amount of steam if you desire to.)

To get started I first heat the iron up on the cotton setting. I then spray the sash ties with Magic Sizing, flatten them with my hands and run the iron down on both sides to get the wrinkles out.

Now lets work on the sleeves! Look how wrinkled they are!!

I put one sleeve on the narrow end of the iron and  flatten the fabric so that it is smooth and flat. I then run the iron  over the entire sleeve to remove the wrinkles. Do this with both sleeves!

Here’s the sleeve stretch on the narrow part of the iron board & prepped for ironing

On to the dress! Place the dress on the narrow part of the iron and iron the top tier and middle tier. Make sure the fabric is flat and smooth with no wrinkles before ironing. You don’t want to press more wrinkles into your dress!

I normally just skip ironing the bottom ruffle, but if it looks wrinkled put the ruffle on the narrow part of the iron and spread the fabric until its flat. iron between the gathers. Never iron over the gathers or you’ll end up pressing wrinkles into your dress!

If your dress has lace or trims be sure to avoid ironing over them to prevent damage to your dress!

My daughter has had this dress for some time now and occasionally the ribbon bow may get funky looking. This is super easy to fix! Just take your scissors and cut off the funky part at a slant. Use a lighter to seal the ends and its as good as new!


Here’s how the dress looks now! Pressed and ready to be worn!

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